Air Charter Lexington, KY

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About Air Business LLC in Lexington, KY

Air Charter Lexington, KY

Established in 2013, Air Business LLC was started by Dave Williams to provide clients with maximum comfort and minimal hassle when traveling to nearby cities. Avoid stress that comes with flying commercial, and experience the ease of flying with an aircraft charter company that makes your schedule their schedule.


Air Business' small cabin class aircraft is flown by an APT rated pilot with over 18,000+ aircraft hours of experience.


Our pilot and staff will handle all aspect of your charter flight. We can also make sure you have access to ground transportation once you arrive at your destination. Cities we often fly to include: Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Atlanta, Memphis, and St. Louis.

Enjoy exceptional service and the perks of flying charter. Feel free to arrive only minutes before your take off, since we will depart when you and your group are ready to go. Should you need to switch a passenger, just let us know beforehand.

Go where you want to go without the headaches of commercial airlines. Call us today to discuss a free quote and to schedule your next flight!