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SAFE TRAVEL “Reduce the Risk” of exposure to Coronavirus!!!

Air Business will get you there without the fear! Given the highly contagious, communicable nature of the coronavirus, flying Air Business private jet charter, can minimize the spread of the disease and assure a much safer and convenient travel experience. Air Business LLC. Private charter services reduces the risk of exposure to the respiratory coronavirus by decreasing exposure in crowded commercial air travel settings, particularly congested airports crowds, TSA, and closed-in settings commercial seating with little air circulation. Air Business LLC. customers can seek solace in the fact that our private jet charter service, is exactly that -- private. “Using our private jet charter service, versus commercial aviation can decrease the risk of contracting the virus.” Air Business LLC. private jet travel is designed for convenience, comfort and safety. For travelers concerned about hygiene – take comfort knowing that Air Business assures our jet is sanitized consistently, and enable customers to avoid other sick or exposed travelers “Theres no battling for arm rests or ending up in close proximity to others or unknown travelers.” Air Business LLC. private jet charter flights can operate out of small, private aviation terminals, not mass transport hubs. By accessing less congested airports, avoiding the close quarters of TSA screenings and passport lines, avoiding busy terminals, and choosing exactly who to travel with assure a much safer and convenient travel experience.

Air Charter Lexington, KY

Save Time – Fly Privately

Located in central Kentucky, Air Business LLC offers flights to a variety of major cities that are less than an hour and a half flight away, including Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Atlanta, Memphis, and St. Louis.

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Air Charter Lexington, KY

Why Fly Air Business?

Our team is passionate about what we do and takes every step to ensure our customers' safety. Whether you're looking to fly somewhere on business or for personal reasons, you can expect the highest level of personal service and excellence in everything we do.

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Air Charter Lexington, KY

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Air Business LLC is a safe, reliable alternative to long lines and delayed flights expected when flying commercial. Get to your destination with ease and contact us today to make an appointment to talk one-on-one with our team.

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Welcome to Air Business LLC

Providing Air Charter Services Since 2013

Since 2013, Air Business LLC has been providing air charter services within Lexington, KY and surrounding areas to a wide range of clients. With over 32 years of aviation experience, owner Dave Williams and his knowledgeable team, have what it takes to ensure you get to your destination safely.

Conveniently located in central Kentucky and without the hassle of long security lines, we are always on standby to meet your small aircraft charter needs. With the lowest charter prices in our area, our customers can get to their destination at a price they can afford.

We strive to offer a high level of service to every customer, and educate ourselves on any changes occurring in our field of work. Whether you're looking to take a short trip to Chicago or need to get to a business meeting in Atlanta, contact Air Business LLC today. We will work around your schedule and get you where you need to be in no time!